Tonttu Coffee

An identity and brand system for a small family-operated coffee business.

The brand story is based on the nostalgic notion of moving away from a busy city to lead a simpler life. Ultimately, it is about focusing on what’s important to you and savoring the moment.

The name “Tonttu” comes from Finnish mythology – a spirit who resides in every home. The brand is represented by a dog named Kiva, who acts as the “tonttu” for the coffee company. Kiva becomes a symbol for quality and companionship.

She comes to life in the logo and the symbol which are meant to embody the spirit of Kiva.

Tonally, the identity is clean but is also playful. A modern design aesthetic employs a retro-influenced color palette and motif system.

Client: Tonttu Coffee
Collaboration: Martin Salazar